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The Filevas Story......

Filevas German Shepherds are a dedicated husband and wife team, Dusko and Mim.  Our interest and love for the breed dates back to 1982 when Dusko's family adopoted a German Shepherd Dog. Dusko is the families dedicated trainer and looks after the dogs both physically and mentally. Mim focuses on ensuring their dogs health needs are looked after and lovingly delivers and helps raise all the litters.

The team at Filevas strive to produce robust bloodlines that conform with the breed standards. We produce high quality, intelligent and perfect family pets that will bring joy and create liftime bonds to the families that choose to adopt form Filevas.

Filevas German Shepherds

Dusko: Age 2 with his first best friend

Filevas German Shepherds


Puppy Midwife Extrodinaire!

Filevas German Shepherds


Trainer in Chief and Master Showman!

The FilevasTeam

Where the Passion Begins

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